So this morning, I'm checking out the daily forums on The Urban Blogger and a post by my girl Necole Bitchie catches my eye. She poses...


So this morning, I'm checking out the daily forums on The Urban Blogger and a post by my girl Necole Bitchie catches my eye. She poses the question "Are you guys on any "white sites" blog rolls." to our fellow bloggers. She goes on to recount an experience that she had with Faded Youth Blog and posts an email that she received from them.
By the excerpt below, F.Y.B. is making it crystal clear that some "white blog sites" are in fact racially biased and only have interest in black sites that bash black celebs...

"you have stolen images from my site a number of times. For example, the latest would be Kimora Lee Simmons with no makeup on. Anyway, that being said, I have absolutely no desire to see your shitty black celeb site...

I have contacted two photo agencies who you have stolen images from. Bauer Griffin and Fame Pictures are ruthless. They will sue you and your server for $25,000 for each time you steal an image.

Now fuck off."

F--- OFF! ARE YOU SERIOUS? WOW! And considering that Necole Bitchie is one of the most reputable and consistant urban blogs on the web, I think most people would disagree on it being a "shitty black celeb site."

I've often heard other blogs like Sandrarose and Dream&Hustle mention the segregation and bias that exist within the blogosphere, but this takes the cake! Personally I'll be damned if my laptop ever takes a trip to their shitty site! And I am asking all of my readers to boycott

You can peep Necole's response below...

(In Necole's words)
Now mind you, a friend sent me the pic of Kimora Lee Simmons and I told her that I had seen it around last week and I felt it was old news but I decided to post anyway because it was a slow news day. I asked where she got it from and she said a messageboard and she didn't know where they got it from.

So Here was my response to Faded youth

Hi Editor,

I've only taken one set of photos from your site and that was Serena Williams in a bikini which I linked you guys as a source.

I have a disclaimer up that states that if you have any issues with photos on my site to contact me and they will be taken down immediately. I did not get the Kimora photos from your site or I would have linked the image as I did the above post. They were sent to me through email and I saw them floating around on other blogs/messageboards without a link to the original source before I even decided to post.

I do love your blog so to say that I'm very disappointed in your response and the way you handled this whole matter is very disappointing. Especially "shitty black celeb site". I would never talk to people like that, even if my name is Necole Bitchie. Thanks for the response anyway..

I wish you well

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