R Kelly's brother, Carey Kelly, is expected to be called to testify against him by the prosecutors. Carey is the same dude that appeared on a DVD saying Kells offered him cash to say he was really the one in the kiddie porn video. On that same DVD he also said R Kelly was both emotionally and physically abusive towards his ex-wife, Kells and his ex-wife had an off the wall sex life, that included threesomes, R Kelly has had a number of inappropriate relationships with underage women - including a sexual relationship with deceased singer/actress Aaliyah....and the most shocking claims...that R Kelly molested his own niece and his brother has engaged in numerous gay relationships and his hit song Trapped in the Closet is
loosely based on R Kelly's life.

WHOA!!!! True or not, his testimony has to be really damaging to Kelly's defense. Let's see his baby pokin' ass weasle outta this!
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