Correction officials say they called off her weekend wedding at the Rikers Island jail after the groom — fellow rapper Papoose — showed up with a handcuff key.
Remy Ma’s lawyer, Ivan Fisher, denies the key could be used to unlock handcuffs. Papoose isn’t charged.
Fisher says the two still plan to wed.”

UPDATE: Sohh’s Thomas A. Harden has more details from the sentencing….wow, the Judge pulled no punches. Not sure who Pap was talking about though.
“Today, Remy wept as she pleaded to the judge. “I stand here today as Remy Mackie,” she said with tears in her eyes as she asked for leniency. “I’m a loving wife, mother and loving daughter and loving sister to my brothers and sisters.”
Remy also addressed Barnes-Joseph. “I apologize for not saving you from your physical and mental scars.”
Before delivering the sentence of 8 years, the judge gave a statement.
“I’ve learned Remy is an intelligent and charitable young woman,” the judge said. “She’s overcome a difficult childhood. Her music has inspired people in need. She’s loved and has support from her family.”
After the complementary remarks, the judge turned her remarks to accountability.
“This is somewhat of a pattern. This is not the first time she has been engaged in a violent act. She never took responsibility for her actions. This has nothing to do with rap it’s about the actions of one person. Remy is an extremely angry young woman who feels the rules do not apply to her.”
After the sentencing, Papoose got into a shoving match with a court officer. “All y’all want is f*cking money,” he yelled. “This is bullsh*t.”
Remy’s mother and others, who had painted Remy on their faces in red, had to restrain Pap.”

Source SOHH.com
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