In a recent interview with MTV, T.I. laughed off notions that Shawty Lo was competition and that he was in a battle with the D4L rapper.

"I never looked to gain acknowledgement or recognition by mentioning another person's name," he said, explaining that he sees his and Lo's career paths as being totally different. "If it was an issue between me and another person, it was an issue between me and another person. It wasn't a publicity stunt or marketing tool."

T.I. says that going back and forth with Shawty Lo on record is nowhere near his top priority right now. "Back when that was my train of thought, we didn't have those problems." says T.I. "Since it's well known that that's not what I'm on right now, then it's easy to make those comments or take that approach."

And when asked by Sway if he thought Shawty Lo was competition, T.I. didn't hide his emotions.
"I'm sorry," he said. "Compa-who? Man, that was funny! Nah, man. [Lo going at me], it's a cry for attention, dog. At the end of the day, Units in the City in stores right now! Go get it! That's what's that's for. I never felt I was in a position where if this person don't mention my name, I will just die. I went for mine and made people say my name. That's the separation [between me and him]."

In other T.I. news, the rapper has reportedly turned his sights to producing after giving Rick Ross five tracks for his up-coming album "Deeper Than Rap".

via MTV.com
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