Bay Area rapper Numskull, one half of the group The Luniz, is currently in custody at the Santa Rita Jail in Dublin, CA.
The artist, who has been in custody since January 24, currently faces a total of 15 felony charges, three more than he faced during his last court appearance in late May. The laundry list of charges includes two counts of sodomy, one count of rape of a victim incapable of consent, one count of oral copulation against the victim’s will and three counts of corporal injury to a cohabitant, three counts of possession of a firearm by a felon, two counts of dissuading a victim from reporting a crime, one count of making criminal threats and two counts of vandalism over $400.
If found guilty of his multiple sex charges, Numskull, born Garrick Demond Husbands, faces a minimum of 25 years to life and would have to register with the State of California as a sex offender. The victim is identified only as Jane Doe is apparently his live-in girlfriend.

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