In today's cornball chronicles....

Eddie Winslow has now filed a restraining order against Superhead. He says he didn't hit her with his car -- she "jumped on the trunk of my car and then the roof of my car. She started beating my vehicle and windows." It says she then attempted to get into the car by breaking the windows "with her fist."
And the f--kery continues, in another incident, Darius claims Karrine "slapped me so hard that she hit a bystander." He is also accusing her of stalking, damage to property to the tune of $3,500 -- and more physical and verbal abuse.

Superhead later gave a bullshit statement to TMZ, comparing herself to Nicole Brown-Simpson.

---Ummm, if she means that she is also a coke snorting jump-off, then yes I agree. Besides, I heard Harper-Collins threatened to shelve her third half-assed hoe manual and sent her back to the drawing board. Hmm, I bet being a "domestic abuse victim" will move more merch, than say another lame peen-sucking [copyright Fresh] memoir.
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