Cornball Chronicles

Ice-T has released another video aimed at Soulja Boy in response to the his YouTube clip, making no apologies for initiating this cornball beef.
In his latest video, Ice-T explains that his original comments were made only after being asked his feelings on the state of hip-hop and on Soulja Boy. Ice-T admits that as a rap legend he shouldn't have talked down to the teen but says he still believes Soulja Boy's music is

"Hip-Hop has to last forever and it ain't gonna last with you doing that superman bullsh*t man," Ice-T said. "That sh*t is whack, trust me." He goes on to say Soulja Boy never should've responded. "When I dissed you, there's no ramifications you know," he said. "You can't hurt my career cause I'm caked out, there's nothing you can do to hurt me."

Our favorite "sh*t disturber" Kanye West stuck up for S.B. via his blog,
"Soulja boy is fresh ass hell and is actually the true meaning of what hip hop is supposed to be," he wrote. "He came from the hood, made his own beats, made up a new saying, new sound and a new dance with one song. He had all of America rapping this summer. If that ain't hip-hop then what is? N*ggas always talk about the golden age but for a 13 year-old kid, this is the golden
age!!! Keep this sh*t fresh and original.... ain't no f*ckin' rules to this sh*t and that's what real hip hop is to me."

--Yeah that's cool and all Kanye, butttttttttt truth be told BOTH these nigs young and old are garbage! But you ain't heard that from me.
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