So I decided to get a really early start on my day today (actually I never went to bed) and I came down with a spell of writer's block. After a couple of very frustrating hours, I decide to take a break and do a little web surfing. So I'm perusing the web in search of something delicious to rock on my vacation in a couple weeks and low and behold what do my beedie little addicted to retail eyes set their sites on, but the illest Prada wedges over at Lolo's Cube...and those bitches were on sale! LOL. Oh well, fashion is not free!

So since the strip has pratically been rubbed off my Visa (lol) I decide to find a slightly more cost effective interests. First, I check out the Black Music Month feature on Swagger Style and then I set my sites on copping some new downloads for my trusty iPod. As always, my homey Brandon at Street Anthem hit me with a couple exclusives,including the Kanye & Rasheeda "Lollipop" Remix and 2 new joints off the N.E.R.D. CD. Since he knows I'm a die hard Jigga stan, he told me to check out the Urban Music blog and snatch up the new "A Billi" joint featuring Lil Wayne. Good tip, that joint was crazy.

Okay, so play time is over and it's time to get back to business. I start googling myself to assure myself that I'm still popular. (j.k...kinda) and I realized that I have never really grasped the whole Technorati Authority scoring thing, mostly because mine rarely seems to move even though lots of site are linking to me. My girl Professora Know It All over at Yo Daily Dose seems to have it figured out and attempted to school me on it though...thanks! Oh well, back to reality, I gotta go make those donuts.
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