It's safe to say Lil Wayne owes some of his success to the mixtape DJ's for pushing his music, especially DJ Drama for his collaboration with Weezy on the classic Dedication Mixtapes.

I understand Wayne was irresponsible for saying "fuck mixtape deejays" in a recent interview. But Wayne cleared the remarks up soon after in an interview with DJ Drama saying the attack was directed to a few of the profiteers, namely The Empire DJs.

Charleston, South Carolina's DJ Chuck T sent an email blast making the June 10th release of Lil Wayne's The Carter III accessible to fans through free download. The deejay wrote, "Lil Wayne said 'fuck mixtape DJ's' now i'm about to show that boy the meaning of bootleg...I'll be damned if I let [anyone] get away with saying fuck me without him facing some type of repercussions, including [him]."

spotted at Way More Than Music

The deejay said, "Don't buy the new Lil Wayne album. Download it for free!" providing readers with a link to a download site.

I think the mixtape DJ's aren't even real DJ's anymore because most of them aren't even breaking music anymore, they're just putting mixes together of what's hot already. You're a true DJ if you can break unheard of or exclusive music to the listeners and get their approval that it's hot. A DJ is like a filter; they sift through piles of music and are responsible for putting out the good quality music. If they drop garbage music, then they're not a good DJ! That's why I understand why Wayne has his "forget the DJ's" attitude. He doesn't want anybody taking credit for the hundreds of songs he put out.
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