In the latest round of ATL gossip beef, it appears that Sandra Rose has kicked up a lot of dust regarding Dru Ski's (College Hill Atlanta) sexual preferences after she posted a nude pic of him with another man. After starting a crazy online debate, Dru decided to strike back.

Via Sandra's Blog:

One thing I can’t stand is a man who acts like a bitch. There’s a lot of that here in Atlanta. There are more bitch made men per capita in Atlanta than anywhere else in the country. That’s a startling statistic when you consider the fact that women outnumber men in Atlanta by 2-1.

I also heard that College Hill alumni Drew Dennis called into the popular radio station Hot 107.9 this morning and put your Auntie Sandra on blast. Drew disputed the Morning Wood post and said that wasn’t him. He called your auntie “trash” among other things.

Dru, you need to grow some balls, son. I never said it was you - your own friends said that. But if it’s not you, why are you drawing more attention to this site? Maybe if you didn’t act like a bitch nobody could confuse you for
one, hmm? By the way, I thank you for the extra traffic!

---Right or wrong, if there's one thing Sandra knows it's how to stir the pot! Hands down if there was an an award for the "Blogger withthe Most Beef" would have to be her (or Perez). LOL. I personally love Sandra's site and I'm not sure if it's Drew or not, but siding with my man Brelaxed on this one, she probably shouldn't have posted that pic.
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