A Great Day For Southern Rap

T.I. has signed southern rap legends Eightball and MJG to Grand Hustle Records. The huge announcement was made live during T.I.’s set at Hot 107.9’s Birthday Bash this weekend.To solidify the partnership, Eightball and MJG came out and performed “Don’t Make” in front of the sold out crowd.

--Damn this is gonna be a good match up (if TIP can stay outta trouble). I'm still mad that Puffydidn't really do anything with them while they were on Bad Boy. That ish should be called Bad Idea.

This post made me hit my favorite 8Ball & MJG verse on Cee-Lo's "Paid Dues"...

In the middle of doin crime (Uggh), it never stopped me from writin rhymes
It never stopped me from playin music,God, but it didn't mean I had to use it
It was obvious, I had to give up the streets - for the beats
Not knowin, but havin faith on just how long that it would be
Before I made it, before somebody picked up my tape and played it
With a remark like, Hey, played that instrumental, you cat's got potential.
In the process of doing talent shows, parties, and mix tapes
We even put it down on some of our homeboys jail release dates
I can remember in the past closin down at fast foods
Strictly stickin to my dreams, but feelin like I'd be the last dude...


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