Next Up in a Long Line of F*ckery Nuptuals

Rick Ross and Foxy Brown are supposedly ready to take the next step.

The latest issue of Hip Hop weekly, alleges that Foxy has vacated her northern New Jersey home to live with the recent rap superstar in his Miami mansion. The highlight of the "exclusive report" is speculation that the couple will announce their secret engagement to the public during the BET Awards. **Yawwwwn**

---Clearly, I posted this for the folks who care, because I AM NOT one of them! I can just see it now, all the bridesmaids will be rockin county issued jumpsuits, and the flower girls will be laced in the illest Princess jeans designed by Trina. The bouquet will be made of dandelions and Rick's freshly plucked pubies and the whole shit will be sponsored by Rocawear! No thanks!

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