Star witness Lisa Van Allen is currently testifying about the three-way sessions she had with the Urinator and the under-age hussy at the heart of this case. It may be a tad long - but it’s a very juicy read:

“Van Allen said she had met R. Kelly at the video shoot for ‘Home Alone,’ in which she appeared, in late 1997 or early 1998. She talked with Kelly and ended up having ‘intercourse’ with him in the trailer, she said. She was 17 at the time, she said.

The pair exchanged numbers and Van Allen soon visited Kelly in Chicago, eventually giving up her job in Atlanta to be with him full time. Kelly paid for her to stay in hotels and she spent most of her time with him at the studio, she said.

In late 1998, she testified, Kelly took her to his former home on the North Side of Chicago, where she met the alleged victim in this case for the first time. Kelly taped them while they had three-way sex in his ‘log-cabin’ room, she said. That’s the same room he’s alleged to have filmed the tape in this case. Kelly told her the alleged victim was 16, she said.

On another occasion, following an awards ceremony in Chicago at which Kelly had been honored, Van Allen, Kelly and the alleged victim in this case again had videotaped three-way sex. But this time they did it on Kelly’s basketball court.

‘He took up his camera and we took off our clothes and we all had sex again,’ she said. Van Allen said Kelly stopped the sex session after she broke down crying. “I didn’t want to do it,” she said.

On a third occasion, sometime in 2000, Kelly, Van Allen and the alleged victim romped again, this time in his trailer at the video shoot for ‘Woman’s Threat,’ Van Allen said. Kelly and the alleged victim ran naked to hide after somebody knocked on the door and disturbed them, she said.

And Van Allen said Kelly carried a ‘duffel bag’ with his home-made porn it wherever he went. ‘He carried it everywhere,’ she said. ‘If we was at the studio, it was in the studio with him; if he was at Hoops (his gym) it would be at Hoops with him…the bag would follow him.’

She said she was not there when the tape at the center of this case was made, but identified the alleged victim and Kelly as being on that tape.”

Van Allen also testified that R. Kelly’s accountant paid her and a Kansas man $20,000 each to return a videotape of Kelly participating in a threesome with Van Allen and the alleged victim in this case.

Van Allen said the $40,000 pay-off, was made to her in March 2007. Kelly personally offered her $250,000, but only $40,000 was handed over, she said. Van Allen said she invested the pay-off in her business. Kelly’s business manager Derrel McDavid, handed over the cash, she said.”

spotted at Bossip
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