Swizzy Speaks

Swizz Beats released a statement to MTV regarding the comments made by his soon-to-be ex Mashonda.Swizzy said:

“Everybody can have their fun right now talking that dumb sh– about my divorce and all that. I’mma give them something to talk about. People get divorced every f—in’ day. They need to worry about more serious things.”

Mashonda eluded to the fact that her and Swizz are calling it quits because of another woman in the picture.She also made mention that the other woman might be singer Alicia Keyes, but Swizz is dismissing it.

He says, “It ain’t even bad. My divorce, it ain’t nothing bad. It’s just us moving on. Me and Shonda are super good. It is what it is. [The press] are nine months late on the situation. It’s a headache to me. We been separated nine or 10 months already. I’m not hiding anything,” he added. “I can see if I was hiding something. I’m a grown man. Nobody is living no perfect life. Mashonda has a single coming out that I funded, photo shoots that I funded. We made our statement that we’re still working together. They didn’t wanna believe it. I said I would be continuing to support her career. Nobody wants to look at that sh–. They wanna look at ‘Alicia Keys.’ That sh– is ignorant.”

--Sounds to me like Swizz is just trying to look out for Alicia's rep. He knows he hit that ish! LOL.
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