T.I. Shows His Skinny Ass Onstage

In this vid T.I. addresses all the haters, but its clear by his current drama
the message is probably meant for Shawty Lo.

I swiped this vid from Miss Info via Front & Center and a dude named
Bandana Mac had the best comment I've EVER heard to some up this "beef"

"So Shawty Lo’s whole career is based off of stalking TI all around Atlanta and talking reckless? It’s obvious the man isn’t in a position where he can respond.
The day a four foot retard who can barely formulate a coherent sentence can stake a claim to a territory signals the end of that region’s reign. Through all his legal issues and suspected snitching, TI makes a better representative. Although I never acknowledged any of their reigns. The south belongs to Scarface."

Well Put!!!!
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