When All Else Fails...Blame It On The Guard

Shaquille O'Neal took up 2 minutes of my life that I'll never be able to get back by spitting the CORNIEST freestyle of all time! If you thought Shaq Fu was bad...you ain't seen sh*t!

Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot! Who authorized this blatenet display of talentless f*ckery?

But, the question remains...how in the hell did Shaq get a room full of people (in NYC no less) to keep repeating "Kobe tell me how my ass tastes?"

**Falls down dead**....**resucitates self**

After a few more whack lines about Kobe losing in the NBA playoffs, Shaq drops the line, "I'm a horse, Kobe ratted me out, that's why I'm getting divorced."...What? No, son if Superhead couldn't ruin your marriage Kobe damn sure can't!

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