Break Ups To Make Ups

Big Shaq was spotted over the holidays gettin cozy with his resident sackchaser..errr um estranged wife Shaunie in the Canary Islands. Looks like a reconciliation may be in the works. Hey I feel you Shaq, its cheaper to keep her.

photo property of Mick Tobyn

Especially when you have chicks like Superhead and now Superhead 2.0 -aka-Alana Wyatt blowing up your spot and releasing tell-all books. In case your not familiar with Alana she's a video hoe turned housewife who married Mos Def back in 2005 and tthey're divorcing. Alana is dropping a new peen sucking manual [copyright-Fresh] posing as a "cautionary tale" in which she blows the whistle on a handful of pro athletes including Jermaine O'neal, Antawn Jamison and of course Shaq. Check out the video below if you have 37 minutes to kill and listen to Alana ramble on and on on the Dirty in the Beest radio show.

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