I For One Am Appalled!

So while I'm out and about in NYC, I pass a gentleman who hands me a flyer, obviously this happens to me about 20 times a day, but what caught my attention was what was on the front of said flyer. It was advertising a S-A-L-E at none other than the Louis Vuitton store in Brooklyn! What???? My mind starts racing, but I play it cool, because of course he's just a guy handing out flyers, he can't possibly grasp the extremity of this, or truly appreciate my excitement. I mean any real hardcore shopper knows that Louis DOES NOT do sales! Ever! So I decide to call the store and get more info, before I just drop on by, and guess what?...It was BOGUS! No such sale! I'm pissed. Who jokes about high-end, finely hand crafted apparel? I'll tell you who...the devil!

Well the devil and a man named Filip Noterdaeme. He is also the man behind the Homeless Museum of Art. He's distributed hundreds of the flyers advertising the discounted sale at the Louis Vuitton Store, inside the Murakami exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. And what exactly is his explanation for this hurtful f*ckery?

"I am only suggesting visitors ask for a special discount... My goal with this action is to confer to museum visitors the absurdity of a bluntly commercial enterprise infiltrating an art museum."

--To quote Charlotte York-Goldenblatt "I curse the day you were born Filip!" and I mean that ish!

Homeless Museum
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