Mya's a No Show...Literally

Bajan blogger Islandista blazed washed up R&B singer Mya in a recent post.

She's says:

So here’s what went down. Mya was scheduled to host at a pretty major event in Barbados last night - the Celebrity Party @ Club NXS in St. Lawrence Gap. A few hundred people showed up, eager to give Mya some love. But Miss Mya (who btw is an islandista by descent - I’m this close to revoking her credentials) was a no-show. It was not that she was not in the island.

She was very much in the island, lounging at the Hilton Hotel, which was allegedly paid for by the Tourism Authority. But word filtered back that she ‘did not feel’ like coming out to the club, but just felt like ‘chilling in her room’. Excuse you? So … you feel that this was just an all-expenses paid trip to Barbados just for the heck of it? Cos we like you that kinda way?

Um, no dahlin. You were paid to appear. And you damn lucky you were paid to appear at anything. Because you have not had a major hit since I was in secondary school … and I aint no young yam. According to Wikipedia (and every other black blog) you have not had a hit since 2003! Moreover, you have been ‘working on your album’ for the last 4 years. And you have allegedly been dropped from your label. Yet you feel you are big enough to buff Bajans? But who is you? Chick … we have RIHANNA - who by the way, has a hit on the charts RIGHT NOW - two actually!

Spotted at Islandista

---Puzzling thing is, I checked out Mya's Myspace page and it says that she was scheduled to appear at a club in Miami on the same day. Hmmm? Developing....
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