This Explains Sooo Much

VH1's resident bafoon Slava Slave just managed to lower my opinion of his coonish ass yet again. Slave was interviewed in the

latest issue of Complex Magazine, where he confessed to losing his virginity at the age of six.


Complex: Where did you lose your virginity?

Flav: Where did I lose my virginity? I lost my virginity in the bushes on a box.

Complex: Really?

Flav: Yea, in the bushes on a box. A girl and me were having sex on a box in the bushes, in some big tall bushes. Complex: How uh…when was this?

Flav: This was when I was real, real, real, real, young.

Complex: Like elementary school? Or middle school?

Flav: Nah, I’m a tell you the truth; I lost my virginity when I was 6 years old.

Complex: Really?

Flav: Yea, man. Because you know we learned to have done the nasty back in the days, and me and this girl we experiment, we

were experimenting, and my little joint got hard, I penetrated for about a few seconds.

Complex: I respect that. Early start my man.

Flav: That’s right early start and guess what and I have a great finish right now. [Laughs] Yessir!

--Can't do nothin but shake my damn head!
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