Bow Addresses Negative Reaction to CMB Signing

Bow took to his new blog Global Grind to address all the folks not feeling Weezy's decision to sign him:

To the naysayers, I hope that you give me the opportunity to earn your respect. I know that over the years I’ve put many of my faults on display which I make no excuses for. I’m young and I’ve made mistakes and I will make more. No different than any other 22 year old, I still have some growing up to do. When I said earlier this year that I may be retiring from hip-hop, I was serious. I’m not stupid, I read what you read and see what you see. I really thought it may be time to move in a different direction and change focus. I wasn’t the first entertainer to go public with these feelings and I certainly won’t be the last (Brett Favre….just playin, welcome back Brett).

He rambles on like this for a while....wanna read the rest Click here
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