Uncut Footage: Murder Caught on Tape! Update McCray Found Guilty!

Update: 10:34pm The jury in the Ricardo McCray trial has returned a GUILTY verdict!!
Below is the startling footage of the murder of 31 year old Danyell Mackin. The footage was shown in a Buffalo courtroom today during the trial of Ricardo McCray, the man accused of murdering Mackin along with Shawn-Tia McNeil, 27; Tiffany Wilhite, 31; and Willie McCaa III; 26 and injuring four others outside of City Grill Restaurant on August 14, 2010. The jury began deliberations at 2:40pm today. This has been a topic of heartache and heated debate for the entire city of Buffalo. I have no clue whetrher this young man is guilty or innocent, but hopefully with the announcement of the verdict justice will finally be served. No one has a right to take another person's life. It is senseless and unjustifiable. RIP Danyell. (Please be advised that the video is disturbing)

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  1. Sadly I live in Buffalo and it is an all to common thing to hear about the innocent getting killed. Is it an indictment of our times, our morality or is it that life is so cheap in the city that genocide has no meaning anymore. As long as the people, yes the people and not the police allow these persons to get away with this type of act by silence it will never end....


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