*Audio* Howard Stern Goes In On Funk Master Flex Over Mister Cee Scandal

Mister Cee's Court Documents

Just when you thought this story couldn’t get any more bizarre, former NYC radio powerhouse, Howard Stern kicks this shit into overdrive! Stern took some very direct shots at Hot 97 deejay Funk Master Flex via his internet radio show yesterday in retaliation for Flex’s tirade of threats on his Hot 97 evening show the night before. Flex “Howard Stern don’t worry about what I’m doin baby. You ran away from this terrestrial radio!” Flex continues by implying Jamie Foxx “sonned Stern.” Stern replies “After he opens up the paper and reads that there’s a black radio war over a guy who guy caught in the car with a tranny…He’s All In!” Stern went on to say “"I want to meet the motherfucker that's gonna son me! Let’s do it!" Classic!!! It looks like Mister Cee’s whole “getting busted getting a B***J** from a tranny in a parked car on a public street at 3:55 in the morning” debacle has sparked a full fledged radio war.

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