In case you've been locked in a basement for the past days here's a recap: Legendary Hot 97 deejay, Mister Cee, was arres...


In case you've been locked in a basement for the past days here's a recap:

Legendary Hot 97 deejay, Mister Cee, was arrested by NYPD on Wednesday after cops caught him in a parked car receiving oral sex from another man. Mister Cee aka Calvin Lebrun, 44, and his boy toy Lawrence Campbell, 20, were charged with public lewdness and exposure of a person. They were released after their arraignment and are due back in court in June. Okay so now you're caught up to speed....

So as to be expected the story set spread like wildfire and was the topic of discussion on radio stations across the country, including my fave "The Breakfast Club" on Power 105.1am in NYC, also the rival station of Hot 97. Anyela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God (DJ Envy played it safe) proceeded to to clown the incident and tried to encourage Mister Cee to come out of the closet while blasting "I'm Coming Out" over the airwaves. Funk Master Flex, Cee's long-time friend and co-worker proceeded to go in over during his evening radio show threatening to sever friendships and burn bridges with two people at Power 105.1, whatever that means. *shrugs*

Not to be outdone, The Breakfast Club busted their guns full blast this morning, not only revealing that Mister has been busted two previous times in lower Manhattan (Oct. 8th and Nov. 20th) both times for loitering for the purpose of prostition but also dubbing Flex "The Donkey of the Day."

The Breakfast Club then proceeded to drop a barage of insults calling Flex "Flex Hogan an old Mickey Rourke ass nigga" and taunted him to get at them same way he gets get at females like Amber Rose and Christiana Millian. The Breakfast Club also claims to have pictures in their possession that will break up Flex's happy home.

When asked if they're worried about retatialion from Flex, Charlamagne replied "The only thing goin down is Mr Cee with transsexuals." Bwahahahaha. Classic. I'm eager to see how this sitch plays out. This beef definitely makes for some good radio, but hopefully this beef remains strictly over the airwaves. Sidenote: Am I the only who has seen Charlamagne in person? Why does he think he can take on Flex? He's 120lbs easy. Sit yo featherweight ass down Char! Lol.

Footnote: Cee pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct after the October arrest. Charges in the November case appear to have been dropped.

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