New Celebrity Couple Alert

It seems Diamond (formerly of Crime Mob) has given Scrappy the boot and upgraded from the D-list to the C-list (that's "C" as in Coon)...It appears that Diamond and Soulja Boy are officially an item. The two were recently spotted cupcaked up with one another backstage at a show and yesterday they do what all "celebrities" do to prove the validity of their relationships...they tweeted about it. Lol.

Diamond's ex Lil Scrappy is taking the high ride and sending her and Soulja well wishes, but unfortunately his mom didn't take the news to well. Mama D called in to Atlanta's Hot 107.9 to give her two cents:

"OK, the b---- done got breast implants and booty shots, the b---- ain't real first of all,"  "Secondly, Scrappy said 'F--- it, you know me.' Soulja Boy gonna come behind him, anyway. You know what I'm saying? So at the end of the day, Scrappy is chilling. He's fine. He's the Prince of the South, and he got it good. He's living good and he got it good. He ain't thinking about that b----. Dirty low down b----." She went on to say "She lied like a motherf---er! Called Scrappy back, talking about 'I was just hanging out with him.' Woo! Woo! You know I wanna put my hand around that b---- throat

DAMMMMNNN! She's a mess! I'd pay GOOD money to see Mama D in a fight for the death cage match vs. Mama Jones and Frankie. My money's on Mama D. Lol.

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