Pretty Dope Finds: $6 Alternative to Nars Full Metal Jacket

I stumbled upon an awesome bargain that I couldn't wait to share with you guys! Revlon's "Steel Her Heart" is a dead ringer for the ever elusive "Full Metal Jacket" by Nars. I picked up a bottle for $5.75 at my neighborhood Rite Aid. I used it this morning with a base & top coat also by Revlon and so far so good. It held up through a long day of shopping, dog walking and reorganizing ALL of my makeup without any major chipping. If you don't feel like paying the $17 for Full Metal Jacket or waiting forever for it to come back in stock, then give Steel Her Heart a try. You'll love it.

Check out the side by side comparison below:
(Left: Nars, Right: Revlon)
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