Video: Shyne Interview on Superstar Radio

Hate him or love him, you have to respect him. Shyne is one of only a handful of rappers that have actually lived the life that they rap about. After taking a decade long prison term on the chin, being deported back to Belize shortly after his release, embracing Judaism and changing his name, Shyne is still doing what he loves...making music. His new sound is the topic of heated debate on radio stations across the country, including NYC's Power 105.1, where morning show host, Charlamagne Tha God dubbed Shyne "Donkey of the Day" with Diddy sitting in as a guest host on the show. Currently, signed to Def Jam, Shyne is set to drop his next studio release in May. In the interview, Shyne speaks very candidly with hosts DJ Superstar J and Nina B and gives his opinion on some of the highest grossing artists in the rap game right now including Lil Wayne, Drake, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye and Rick Ross.
Catch Superstar Radio on Thursday nights at 9:45pm on Shovio Social Broadcasting Network.

Video via Vibe
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