Apple Admits to Watch The Throne Mishap

When Watch The Throne dropped August 8th, hundreds of thousands of die hard hip hop fans rushed to their laptops, PC's, iPhones and iPods to be one of the first experience it's greatness (yeah I'm jockin. Lol) But, the first thing that most people noticed was the obvious absence of Jay and Ye's current single "Otis." Well today iTunes and parent company, Apple issued an email apology to all of their customers who dropped a hard earned $14.99 for an incomplete album.

Please check the email account that is linked to your iTunes account for this email:

"Dear iTunes Customer,
Thank you for downloading Jay Z and Kanye West's new album titled Watch the Throne. Due to an error with the albums playlist, the single "Otis" was missing at the time of the download.
Apple regrets any inconvenience caused by the issue. We have provided you with a free song code to purchase the single "Otis" or the code can be used to buy any song on the iTunes Store. Simply open iTunes, select iTunes Store, click "Redeem" under Quick Links and enter the code below."

But what I really want to know is, what Apple is going to do to fix that damn three minute delay at the beginning of track #13 "Illest Motherfucker Alive?????"
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