Pretty Dope Find Alert!! Show Off City

So as you guys know, I'm a sucker for a good bargain or a dope accessory. My latest obsession happens to be oversized watches. one of my twitter followers put me on to the Joe Rodeo timepieces a while back,
so I went to check them out, but was a little hesistant about the price tag. I ended up buying a Michael Kors big faced ceramic watch for a few hundred bucks instead. The MK turned out to be a nice everyday watch, but I still wanted something that really stood out to rock when I'm going out for drinks, clubbing and stuff like that.

Well, the other day I finally hit the jackpot! I was at an industry event and I asked an athlete friend of mine where he got his watch and he told me to check out this website called ShowOffCity. He said a lot of athletes, deejays and hip hop artists shop there. I checked it out last night and they carry the DOPEST high end watches and bracelets known to man and more importantly their prices are pretty reasonable. They had quite a few Joe Rodeo pieces to choose from, so after much debate I decided to go with the "Rio." This joint has "Pretty PR Chick" written all over it! Check out ShowOffCity for yourself!
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