Mixtape Review: Young Jeezy The Real Is Back 2

In all honesty, this it hurts my heart to say that this pick is a bit of a stretch. While I am a self-proclaimed Jeezy enthuasist, I'm still obligated by my blogger code of ethics to keep it real. If you're expecting to download this mixtape and hear the same hunger and ferocity as we did on The Real is Back 1...
you'll be greatly disappointed. There are 3 maybe 4 tracks at most that I've found myself playing on repeat. As for the rest, feel free to listen to in fast forward. No more mixtapes Jeezy, you're slowing but surely killing the anticipation for TM103!



    1. Real Is Back 2 Intro
  • 2.Trump ft Birdman

  • 3.Chickens No Flour

  • 4.Gotta see this ft Freddie Gibbs JW

  • 5.Rough ft Freddie Gibbs

  • 6.Bandana ft 211

  • 7.All the time ft Slick Pulla

  • 8.Nicks 2 bricks ft Freddie Gibbs

  • 9.Sittin low ft Scrilla Freddie Gibbs

  • 10.Grizly ft Yo Gotti

  • Download courtesy of DatPiff
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