First Television Purchase

This guest post from Doris Dillon:

I made my first big purchase today. I big screen television!! I am so excited. I am sure most of you are thinking it is not a big deal and not a big purchase, but for me it is. This is the first large item I have ever actually owned. I have always leased a car or rented an apartment. The television I had before this was a hand-me-down. It is an exciting day for me. I have already hooked up the DVD player, the DirectStarTV and the Wii. It looks great in the room and is a thousand times better than the one I had. It seems crazy to be this excited about a television. I am sure my grand grandmother is rolling over in her grave, but this is the form of entertainment for our generation and I am proud to finally be embracing it. To some of you, this is going to sound pathetic, but it really allows you to see how huge this is for me. I am having a party to celebrate my new television. I just finished sending out the evites. I figured all of my friends should be able to share in my excitement. I know I would do the same for them.
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