Makeup Monday: Up Close With Nail Guru Essie W.

Ayren Jackson-Cannady got a chance to get up close and personal with nail polish guru and glam icon Essie Weingarten! For those of you who've been living under a rock, Essie is the creator of what is arguably the BEST nail polish line known to man!

Ayren managed to keep it cool and limit her impromtu interview with Essie to a few questions. She's obviously much cooler than I am, because I would have been bursting at the seams!!!

Q: What is the ‘IT’ color for fall? What do I need to run out and buy…like, yesterday?
A: “The ‘It’ shade is Power Clutch [a deep gray, green]. Every celebrity is wearing it, and it’s getting tons of play by all the beauty editors.”

Q: What kinds of shades do you rock on your own nails?
A: “My go-to is always two sheers, one layered on top of another. I like one coat of Blushing Bride or Ballet Slippers topped with one coat of Mademoiselle or Sugar Daddy. I’ll sometimes wear Waltz with Sugar Daddy…every week its two different sheers.”

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