Woman Creates Blog to Blast Busta Rhymes For Giving Her Herpes

A groupie has taken her beef to the blosphere and is accusing hip hop vet Bussa Buss with giving her the gift that keeps on giving. She says:
"Another Day in Pain! I'm really pissed of and frustrated today! I'm in sooo much pain. I haven't been able to work in almost 3 weeks because of a bad ob I've been having on my spine. Worst pain ever, cant eat, sleep o put on clothes uhhh. Busta needs to be arrested!!! How can someone get away with spreading a infectious virus that they know they have. He is cruel and the most disgusting person I've ever met. This is a warning, warning, WARNING stay away from him!!!!!!"

The jury's still out on this one until I see some concrete proof. What's the point of starting a blog just to bash him? This broad would've ben better off suing him like that chick did Mike Vick and landed hersself a big fat seven figure settlement deal!

For the rest of this story head on over to 24 Hour Hip Hop

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