The Absolute Best Mixtapes of 2011??!!

It the oldest trick in the book, if you want to spark an angry debate just rank your favorite rappers and let the bickering commence. Our friends over at have compiled a list of the best 50 mixtapes released in 2011. Obviously that's an open invitation for some pretty passionate arguments and their readers are going HAM in the comment box! Lol. While I do agree with a large portion of their choices, the list is solely based on download counts so I definitely disagree with the ranking order! I mean seriously, "Sorry For The Wait" was the BEST mixtape to drop in the past 12 months???!!! GTFOH! Anyway, here's a rundown of their top ten picks and shout out to The Weeknd for all three of his mixtapes making the list.

  1. "Sorry For The Wait" Lil Wayne
  2. "The Soul Tape" Fabolous
  3. "The Real Is Back" Young Jeezy
  4. "Nostalgia, Ultra" Frank Ocean
  5. "Dream Chaserz" Meek Mill
  6. "Well Done 2" Tyga
  7. "House of Ballons" The Weeknd
  8. "Cabin Fever" Wiz Khalifa
  9. "Best Day Ever" Mac Miller
  10. "The Eleven One Eleven Theory" Mac Miller
To check out the complete here
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