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I definitely feel like I have a philanthropic spirit and I'm just as willing as the next person to help out someone in need, but sometimes my role as a tax payer supersedes ALLLLLL of that! There are some stories that scroll across my screen that manage to get me so hot under the collar that I have to pass it on to the next person just to get it off me! Lol. Well, meet Angel Adams. She is a 37 year old Georgia woman with 15 children...12 of which are in her care.

This fool  "mother" believes that “somebody needs to pay for all her children” to live better. And by somebody she means social services. She also believes that her and her boyfriend and father of 10 of her children should be compensated for their troubles because Social Services has not done enough to help them.

Eff reparations, I'd be happy with the state just cutting  folks who misuse the system off welfare and stop taking those damn deductions out of my hard earned check!!

Full story and video [Straight From The A]

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