Cash In This Tax Season

Have you ever wanted to cash in on income tax season? Well, join the club. Tax preparation is a very lucrative business and now it's easier than ever to become an IRS Enrolled Agent or Tax Preparer!

Fast Forward Academy offers an informative, fun and fast Enrolled Agent CPE course as well as an entertaining, productive and quick Registered Tax Preparer Continuing Education course. With these programs you can complete the CPE lessons at your own pace and you will receive a certificate of completion.

Whether you just need a refresher course, a study guide, access to an 800 or 1800 question study bank or access to unlimited practice exams, they allow you to choose a package designed to suit your specific needs. With Fast Forward Academy your EA CPE training will be a breeze!

Brought to you by your friends at Fast Forward Academy


  1. If you get as much regarding the tax set of laws as a tax lawyer or enrolled agent, then it makes sense for you to manage it on your own. I, on the other hand, knew I understand about 1 % of what I need to know in order to successfully make a case for the installment arrangement I want. I would read this and ensure you can truly carry out this yourself:

  2. I volunteer for LadderUp and they also offer free tax Preparation in Uptown at the McCormick Boys and Girls Club. They are open most Saturdays from 9 am to 5pm.


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