Being a product junkie can get pretty costly, but there are some easy ways to get your hands on some awesome products without paying a di...


Being a product junkie can get pretty costly, but there are some easy ways to get your hands on some awesome products without paying a dime. I'm gonna share the top five ways to get makeup and beauty items for free after the jump.

1. Couponing
Makeup coupons (
I recently discovered the art of extreme makeup couponing through a Facebook friend. I know what your thinking, who has time to go out and buy the Sunday paper, sort through the coupon section, clip and store them. Well, there's a much simpler solution. There are extreme couponers who have made a market for themselves on Ebay. You can purchase a lot of beauty coupons for as little a $1.00. Of course coupons are free from the manufacturers, but you are paying for the seller's time to clip, sort and ship. I purchased the coupons in this photo for a few bucks. They also offer monthly coupon clipping services for as low as $10 a month.

2. Rewards Programs
Member rewards programs are another way to get free beauty products. Programs like the Rite Aid Wellness+ program allow members to earn points for every dollar spent. Periodically members are rewarded with Up Rewards which are to be used like cash. So basically making everyday purchases will eventually earn you rewards bonuses which you can use however you like, but I use them on makeup.

3. Social Marketing Companies

Social marketing companies like Klout, Influenster and BzzAgent are paid by top retail companies including beauty brands to get products in the hands of bloggers, Youtube gurus and everyday consumers to test out, review and spread the word to everyone that they come in contact with. I've received lots of free beauty products to review through these companies.

4. Affiliate and Referral Programs

Some of your favorite companies like Sigma Beauty CurlKit and Hautelook have affiliate programs that reward you for every new customer that you refer to them. The registration process is simple and usually takes just a few minutes. After your signed up, you will be assigned an affiliate link. Your link can be shared in blog posts, in the info box of your YouTube videos, through your Twitter account, e-mail signature, Facebook account, etc. For every person that clicks the link and ultimately makes a purchase you receive a credit. On Hautelook you earn $10 every time you refer a customer that makes a purchase! Those credits definitely add up and before you know it you'll have enough to snag a few items for yourself without spending a penny out of pocket.

5. Following companies on social media networks
Following your favorite brands on social networks like Facebook can be pretty beneficial. Companies like Target offer free product samples for just interacting with their promotional accounts. Target periodically offers a complimentary beauty bag full of sample sized beauty products to people who've liked their Facebook page.

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