Review: ELF HD Blush

If you're on the hunt for a SUPER pigmented blush for a reasonable price, well look no further. The new ELF HD blushes are INSANE! You may think this .34 fl oz bottle is small, but for $3 you get more than your money's worth of product. 

The formula is so pigmented that I only needed about a 1/3 of a drop to achieve the look below. Fair warning, the insane pigmentation that I told you about comes off on anything this stuff touches. I made the rookie mistake of trying to apply the product using my fingertips and ended up staining my hands. lol. It was nothing a little hand sanitizer and some elbow grease couldn't get rid of, but it's definitely something you'll want to avoid.

My advice would be to diffuse the product (blend it out) on a flat surface using a stippling brush and then apply with a light hand. 

Colors shown in first photo: Encore and Showstopper
Color on my face: Encore
Price: $3
Available at: Target and ELF website

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