Here are my top tips for growing your channel. If you're trying to expand your audience. You're going to have to put in WORK. Hope ...


Here are my top tips for growing your channel. If you're trying to expand your audience. You're going to have to put in WORK. Hope you find it helpful. If you have any tips to add, please feel free.

1. High Quality Vids: It's almost 2016, videos should be filmed in HD quality. This can be achieved with a smartphone or affordable digital cameras. Good lighting is important. If you are not ready to invest in a lighting setup, film in front of a bright, sunny window. (For example: No more beauty videos in your bathroom with awful yellow lighting) Clear audio, if we can't hear you...we won't watch. Find a quiet space to film. Please avoid the noisy backgrounds, cross talking from other people in your house, kids running around in the background, etc.
2. Short, catchy and searchable titles.
3.Add your channel name to your titles
(ex. Youtube 101: PrettyPRChickTV)
4. High quality, eye catching thumbnails. Please stop being lazy and just using the random Youtube still shots.
5. Choose a niche. Select one or two focus areas and center your channel around that. Your channel should not be a "catch all" for every single interest in your life.
6. If it's not right....don't upload it! You should be uploading your best work. If you play the footage back and it's of bad quality, out of focus, boring, etc. RE-DO it!!
7. Take the time to edit. Viewers do not want to watch your mistakes, retakes, etc.
8.Fill out the description box! The most important info goes in the first 3 lines. This is vital for SEO purposes.
9. Fill up the entire tag box with words or phrases that are related to your video so you will be included in relevant searches.
10. Your social media accounts should be consistent. Try to use the same name (if possible) for all accounts that you want to associate with your channel. They should also be listed in the description box of each of your vids and connected to your Youtube account.
11. Promote your channel and videos on YOUR social media accounts. Don't spam people with unsolicited links.
12. Reply to video comments as quickly as possible and interact with viewers on other networks.
13. Call to Action: Ask viewers to like, comment, share and subscribe within the first 30 seconds of the video.
14. Videos should be less than 10 mins long whenever possible.
15. Get on a consistent uploading schedule and stick to it!
16. Create a short catchy intro (10 seconds or less)
17. Review your analytics to figure out what's working for you and what isn't.

...and check out my latest video below. <3

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