Seven Day Youtube Challenge: Day #5: CARDS

We should always aspire to be the best in our work and in our life. So let's be the best! Here's challenge number five! 

Today we're going to tackle Annotations. YouTube annotations are the notes on your videos. You can use them to help you increase your audience by following these techniques:
1. Call to action – Create a sticky note suggesting people subscribe to your channel.
2. Spotlight annotation – This will allow you to create a clickable annotation on the video itself. Drive people to a landing or product page.
3. Link to other videos – Annotations will also allow you to link to related videos (whether they are yours or not).
You control where the annotations appear on the video. You also control when they appear and disappear. These are shown on your video any time someone plays it.
Today's challenge is to add 2-3 annotations on each of your new videos and if you have not been using annotations go back to your last three uploads and add some. The Annotations tab looks like a little "quote symbol" right under your videos.

Click here for step by step instructions.
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