Seven Day Youtube Challenge-Day 7: Youtube Creator Academy

Can you believe we're already on Day 7!! Man WE MADE IT! Whoot! Whoot! Lol. Today's challenge is a tough one...and it will actually take a while to complete. 

I am challenging everyone to complete the Youtube Creator Academy within the next month! These courses are FREE and will show you all of the tips and tricks to create great content, engage your audience, pre-production, being consistent, getting discovered and MUCH MORE. You will receive a certificate after completion.
For those of you who have already completed the Youtube Creator Academy (like me) let's do it again! Let's challenge ourselves to take a few refresher courses or the Boot Camp courses to sharpen our skills. I know that I need to work on a few things that were covered (like creating a new channel trailer just for starters.) LOL
Thank you all for participating in this week-long exercise with me. Great job everyone! You all definitely helped me to stay on point and motivated to improve my channel! You guys rock! 
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