Cover FX Enhance Click #Swatches

This innovative, customizable beauty tool empowers you to conveniently customize your makeup wardrobe. Choose from Correct, Cover or Enhance Clicks to upload into your Click Stick and turn it into the perfect portable tool to correct, conceal, contour, highlight, strobe, and illuminate your complexion. An empty Click Stick retails for just two bucks!

The Enhance Click shades are ultra-luminous cream highlighters in a convenient stick form to strobe, highlight, and illuminate your features. Each lightweight, compact Enhance Click is packed with product and contains 55% as much product as our full sized compact foundation. You just insert two Click cartridges into your Click Stick, toss it in your pocket, clutch or makeup bag...and GO!
Wear them any way you choose!
1. Highlight your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose.
2. Brighten the inner corner of your eye
3. Illuminate your brow bone
4. Wear as an eyeshadow, blush or a lipstick.


 Gold Dust


Each Enhance Click retails for $18 each

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