American Gank-ster!

My spies tell me that actor Denzel Washington, whose new film American Gangster hits theaters this Friday, is one unhappy camper. What's got Denzel mad enough to slap Sanaa Lathan?

Well, reports are that American Gangster is running neck and neck with Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married, for the most bootlegged movie this year. According to unpublished reports, more than 10,000 bootlegged copies of American Gangster were downloaded from some obscure internet website based in the islands. In addition to that, thousands more bootlegged copies were sold by street enterprisers in barber shops and beauty salons across the country this weekend.

On a side note, as I was listening to Wendy Williams on my laptop yesterday...countless callers checked in to voice their opinions about a movie has yet to be you ask? Every damn body in America has this flick on bootleg, and from what I hear it's one of the clearest you'll ever see... Damn Denzel!

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