Man Arrested at Tupac Center is Innocent

Photo courtesy of Thug Life Army

As with everything to do with hip hop culture, the recent news accounts about the vandalism at the Tupac Amaru Center for the Arts are being questioned. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has run an article saying DeKalb Police Officials are saying that there was really ‘no noose around the neck' of the late hip hop icon's (2Pac) statue at the Center.

Versa Manos, publicist for the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center told site administrator Robert that she and her company are "standing by our press release. That was the information that was given to me from the folks at the center." Versa Manos also told that the marble base of the statue will have to be replaced.Versa Manos also told that the man arrested did not have anything to do with the incident with the statue.

He had told police he was there because he wanted to talk to the iconic hip hop rap figure Tupac Shakur (2Pac).To read the full account of what DeKalb Police Officials told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and to see pictures of the damage to the statue of the late hip hop rap artist please visit -
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