After having been reported last week by his family, Jermaine "Black" Williams was found dead in Queens' Ozone Park this morning in New York. Williams had a bodyguard for Busta Rhymes for the past eight years. The man had been shot multiple times, and was discovered wrapped in sheet, when police noticed blood stains in his parked SUV in the park. No suspects have been apprehended. Williams leaves behind two children.
In February 2006, Israel Ramirez was a Busta Rhymes bodyguard of over a decade that was murdered on the set of the the video-shoot for the "Touch It" remix in New York. He was shot multiple times after an altercation with another spectator on the set of the video. The rapper made headlines for not cooperating with police in the questioning on Ramirez' killer.

--Damn Buss that shyt sounds like wayyyy TOO much of a coincidence to me!
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