This guest post from Lenny Mcknight

My new apartment is awesome! I moved in about a month ago from a smaller apartmentthat I lived in for the last three years. I decided that it was finally time to move when my boss transferred me to a different business location. The new apartment that I moved to is a loft style apartment that has a great view of the river. My favorite thing about the apartment, other than the river view is the giant porch that I have. It is going to be great for entertaining. I have already started thinking about what kind of outdoor furniture that I am going to get for the place. I think that I am going to get something that seats six and has pretty comfy chairs. The only other thing that I need to get done around the new loft other than the outdoor furniture and an awesome new grill is to call cable providers and have television installed in my place. I don’t watch it that much, but have definitely been missing it over the last month, that’s for sure!
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