My Personal Notorious B.I.G. Story "We'll Always Love BIG Poppa"

March 9, 1997 will forever be known as one of the saddest and most memorable moments in hip hop history. 15 years later, people still remember exactly when and where they were when they heard the news that 24 year old Christopher Wallace had been shot and killed in LA. More after the jump...
The Notorious B.I.G. was no more. It was Sunday morning. I was at home. I was a high school radio station intern and one of the air personalities called me and broke the news. I was in shock for the rest of the day. At the time I was a true Bad Boy STAN! Lol. I had the pleasure of meeting Biggie at our radio station's celebrity basketball game the year before. and no he didn't play. Lol. He just sat on the bench in a sky blue leather suit with a matching derby and Coogi sweater. He let me take a zillion pictures for all of my friends. After a while he did tell me "to chill with the flash."..but in a nice way. He was so down to earth and full of life and jokes. I'll always remember that. I had gotten a copy of the Life After Death album a month early (one of the perks of being a lolely intern.) The Monday following BIG's death people were offering me $200 for it. I couldn't even entertain the thought. I didn't cry until I saw the funeral procession on MTV and the entire burrough of Brooklyn on the streets showing their love for BIG. I sobbed for the rest of the day. Canibus never lied. The greatest rapper of all time definitely died on March 9th.

Whether you're at home, school or in your office today....let's reminisce like it's the 1997 at the height of the Bad Boy era and get it in one time for Biggie!! We'll ALWAYS love Big Poppa!

RIP Christopher George Latore Wallace (1972 - 1997)

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