Seven Day Youtube Challenge- Day 1: BIO

So I'm going to propose a challenge! If you want to work on improving your channel and social media marketing and/or branding methods then let's go. Let's grow together! Every day for the next seven days I'll propose a different simple task that each of us will complete.

Ok so here's Challenge #1!
Your "About Me" section on your Youtube channel should highlight your most important content right up front. This should be a descriptive and fun mini-bio that tells people about you, what your channel focuses on, your upload schedule, list all of your social media accounts and how to get in touch with you (like your business email address for example.) Mine is outdated and definitely needs work!
So between now and 8pm tomorrow I challenge you to update your About Me section. Try your best to SELL YOUR CHANNEL! The info listed in this section shows up every time you share your channel link on another network. So let's make them good! When your finished, post a link below so we can all check them out! heart emoticon
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