Seven Day Youtube Challenge-Day 2: Description Box

Shout out to everyone that participated in yesterday's challenge! WAY TO GO!!! Now, on to Challenge #2! For the next couple of challenges we're going to work on our MetaData. Today, we're tackling Description Boxes!!

Your description box should NEVER be left blank or just contain a generic sentence. The description box is a crucial player in your YouTube marketing strategy because its contents (along with your titles, tags, and captions) help YouTube to determine if and where your videos rank in searches or as related videos. Each of your videos should have a lengthy description of what the video’s content is all about. This is also the place where you can list links to the products mentioned in your vid, links to your social media accounts, contact info, links to your other popular videos, recent videos, related videos or whatever the heck you feel is important and want your viewers to see. I know that this can be time consuming to do on every single video, but it is detrimental. So I'm going to show you a shortcut. Please keep in mind that the FIRST THREE LINES (above the fold) are the most important!! Those are what really help to rank your video in searches.

For this challenge, we each have until 12n noon tomorrow to either create or update the info in our DEFAULT description box. It must be at least 250 words (this includes links.) This way the only thing you will have to do on each new video is update it with a little info about that specific video.

So first write out your new default description
Then go to your "Settings"
Click "Upload Defaults"
and copy and paste in your new description and click save. 

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